We are a team of successful mechanical and electrical engineers that have been practicing in Denver since 1982 and have designed over 300 Grow Facilities Colorado and nationally since 2009. We have License Capabilities in 47 States.

In that time we have created documentation for Building Permits, necessary to obtained the Certificate of Occupancy. We provide Engineering Services for Cultivation Facilities, Dispensaries, Extraction, and MIPs Kitchens. We provide:

HVAC Engineering and Design
Plumbing Engineering and Design
Electrical Engineering and Design

What your Consultants can do for you:

Design Assisst: We can help you size your  HVAC systems including the latent load aspects for dehumidification. We can also  size your electrical service upgrade.

Design Build: We can work with the contractor team to provide turn-key projets.

Direct Consulting: We can contract direct with Owners to provide plan and spec. construction documents suitable for bidding and permiting..
We are experienced in the processes unique to the grow industry.  Many of our facilities have been new facilities, renovations of warehouse type buildings and greenhouses. Our qualified design approach, also include:

CO2 System Design
Electrical Service Upgrades
Lighting Demand Optimization
Airborne Bacterial Mitigation
Odor Mitigation

We can assist in all your needs from facility assessment to obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy.
Please CONTACT us so we can discuss your individual needs and what our team can do for you!